AirOShoot Challenge 2024 – Prize fund €2600

There will be no Superfinal in 2024.

The 2022 and 2023 editions of the Superfinal were cancelled due to low numbers of entries. The AirOShoot steering group has made the decision not to run a final this year but will instead offer cash prizes to the top ranked athletes who have registered and competed in one or more partner competition.

Each entrant will receive ranking points based on the position they finished in the competition and their score.

Ranking points will accumulate throughout the AirOShoot series of competitions.

How are ranking points awarded?                        
There are two elements that make up ranking points:
1. The score achieved in each of the competitions
2. The finishing position in each of the competitions qualification

In more detail:
1. For rifle the competition (comp) score is subtracted from the World Record (WR) score and that difference is subtracted from the maximum score for 10 shots. Eg. 109-(WR-comp)=Ranking points. For pistol the same formula is used but the maximum score for 10 shots is 100. Eg. 100-(WR-comp)=Ranking points.
2. The first place finisher is awarded 50 ranking points and the next placed athlete is awarded 1 less, Eg. 49. This continues until 50th place is awared 1 point. If there are more than 50 athletes they are awarded zero.

Once all 6 competitions are complete the final ranking will be determined by the total number of ranking points won in the competitions each athlete has entered. If there is a draw it will be determined by the highest gun score achieved in the competitions. If still a draw the total number of airoshoot points won will determine the winner. If still drawn the place will be shared as will any prize money if in the top 3 in the ranking.

We expect to announce the winning athletes in June 2024

The prizes are: Winner €150 - Second €100 - Third €50, awarded in each category to registered athletes.

There will be an additional 4 prizes of €50 awarded at random to all registered athletes.

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