Some people asked us why we call it AirOShoot? Here is why:

We started out with the working name EuroShoot, to signify we are a partnership of - at the time -  4 European 10 meter competitions. This does not, however, honor the fact we are 10 meter (Air Rifle and Air Pistol) competitions. Given that EuroShoot and AirOShoot are fairly close in pronunciation in the English language, the Committee went for AirOShoot.

The name also gives us three "O"s, so in the logo we filled the first "O" with the European logo and the other two "O"s with a paper rifle and pistol target:

So, who is this "Committee"? 

The Committee is a small 8 person team, with one representative from each of the - now - six partner competitions plus two independent persons who are not part of any of the partner competitions (although they do help at some of the competitions). You can reach the Committee via .